Printable Circle Mandala Silhouette Vector Design

Design of circle mandala vector decorated with traditional mandala motifs. Along with printable line art pdf template file required for a mandala color art…

The known history of the Mandala dates back to 40,000 years ago. The first known mandalas are known to have been drawn to the cave walls. These forms can be for ornamentation as well as contain spiritual knowledge and mystery. Mandala forms can be found in temples of various cultures. Mostly they are attributed to the Indian culture, but we come across this form, in many old churches, synagogues and mosques. Mandala begins at a center and expands towards the periphery. Many complex shapes in it actually have a mathematical symmetry and order. Every element of this form, like all the motifs in the mandala design we draw, are connected to each other. The energy inside the form spreads outwards from the center. Just like in the galaxies, the energy of a black hole holds billions of stars as a whole… It is not unusual for you to feel that some of the mandalas have a soul.

Mandala refers to unity, integrity and harmony as meaning. This cosmic symbol reminds us of our unity with eternity. It portrays both our material and spiritual reality. Out of this harmony is chaos and hell. Mandala forms are often used as support in meditations to capture this harmony.

Mandala painting is often used for material and spiritual development. There are benefits such as patience, awareness, thought de-tox, mind and body harmony. If you are looking for a mandala coloring page, you can print a free printable pdf outline file and then print it on your printer.

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